Angler:Marie-Helene Dufour, Ancienne Lorette,QC,

Angler:Guylaine Leduc, Outremont, QC,

Angler: Sheila Reid, Vermont

Angler: Johanne Bilodeau, Chicoutimi, QC

Anglers: Suzanne Beaudet and Louise Lapare

Angler: Marie-Eve Dumas

Angler: Christine Robillard

Angler: Jean Makin

Angler: Suzanne Beaudet

Angler: Nancy Holt

Angler: Sara Briand

Angler: Sara Briand

Angler: Jane Rutherford

Angler: Susan Malcolm

Angler: Suzanne Beaudet

Angler: Karen Publicover

Angler: Katherine Mott

Angler: Diane Roy

Chloe Smith, Gaspe - Dartmouth River

Angler; Christina Plant, Cornish Flat, NH,

Angler; Claire Moisan, St Augustin, QC

Angler; Liz Millett, NS

Angler; Jean York, Grand Island, Florida

Angler; Susan Malcolm, Burlington,Ontario

Angler; Kayla Smith Gaspe, QC

Angler; Carla Brooks Lebanon, NH

Anglers; Ann Smith and daughter Kim - Gaspe, QC

Angler; Dominique Berube Montreal, QC -

Angler; Pascale Desbois, St mMthieu de la Prairie, QC -

Angler; Jane Rutherford, Ontario -

Angler; Gilda Boulay - Gaspe, QC

Angler; Michele Fournier - Yamachiche, QC

Angler; Andee-Lise, Methot - Guide: Fred Matte

Angler; Linda Dumas, Quebec

Angler; Sheila Reid from Classic Outfitters, South Burlingon, VT - Guide: Jason Sams

Angler; Elaine Chapman, Montreal

Angler: Nancy Holt, New Brunswick - Guide: Wayne Jean

June 21, 2010

Angler: Linda Samsom St-Jean Chrysostome,QC - Guide: Fred Matte

June 2, 2010

Angler: Vicki Green, Vernon, BC - Guide: Wayne Jean

2009 season!!

September 22, 2009

Anglers: Melanie Marin and Valerie Marcoux,Carleton QC - Guide: Jason Sams

August 24, 2009

Angler: Linda Sturtevant, Maryland,

August 22, 2009

Angler: Johanie De Lasabloniere, Montreal

Angler: Tanya Dias-Forget. Montreal

Angler: Vanessa Caron, Montreal

August 10, 2009

Angler: Vivian Rooney, Gaspe, York 6

Saturday July 18, 2009

Angler: Caroline Paquin, St-Basile, Quebec

Angler: Gervaise Morin, Quebec Sector 1 York today.

Friday July 17, 2009

Angler: Jane Rutherford, Ontario, Grande River

Angler: Vivian Rooney, Gaspe, - York River

Angler: Caroline Paquin, St Basile, Quebec York River)

Angler: Maria Walsh, MA - York River

Angler: Lynda Dumas, Quebec York & St-Jean River

Angler: Claude St-Jean, La Prairie Quebec Dartmouth -St-Jean rivers River

June 29, 2009

Angler: Claude St-Jean. La Prairie, QC

June 28, 2009

Angler: Susan Malcolm, Burlington, Ontario St-Jean 1

June 28, 2009

Angler: Linda Samson, Quebec, St-Jean 2

York River - Sector 6 - Fairbanks

Angler: Elaine Chapman, Montreal.


2008 Season

Photo: Susan Malcolm,Toronto - Guide: Dave Adams...

Photo: August 29-30 Francyne Aubert,Toronto - Guide: Wayne Jean...

Photo: York River - Dave Adams and Genevieve Fournier Gaspe)...

Gentlemen, get out of the kitchen and go fishing!!

Photo: St-Jean River Valérie Bélanger -Pascal Tailleur..First time fly fishing!! Guide: Fred Matte..

Photo: Lorraine Bastien Levis(Quebec) - York 4 (Bravo Madame!!) Guide: Dave Adams

Photo: Helene Tremblay (Gaspe) York 9 -August 8th (First time Atlantic fly fishing! Guide: Wayne Jean

Photo: Yours Truly..St-Jean 1 (Wild Rose & Bluff) July 24th

Photo: Marie-Julie Hamel, Quebec - Dartmouth 1-3-5 July 21, 2008

Photo: Jane Rutherford, Elorra, Ontario St-Jean River (July 19) Guide: Jason Sams

Photo: Maria Walsh, MA, Dartmouth 7 Guide: Wayne Jean

Photo:Mother-Daughter- Sarah & Karen Thompson, MA (Ju1y 18)

Photo: Nancy Secord, NH, Guide: Fred Matte

Thursday June 26, 2008

Photo: Susan Malcolm, Toronto, St-Jean River Guide: Dave Adams

Thursday June 26, 2008

Photo: Elaine Chapman, Montreal - York 9

David & Nancy Holt, New Brunswick `Dartmouth 2

Photo: Elaine Chapman, Montreal - York 9

June 8, 2008

Louise Simard, Laval (QC) - Dart 2..Quebec Sporting Guide: Fred Matte

June 4, 2008

2007 Season !!

Photo: Whitney Usas, Sarasota, Florida - September 27-28, 2007

Photo: Irene Pohle,St-Andrews, NB - Atlantic Salmon Journal -September , 2007

Photo: Diane Potvin, Gaspe - September 7, 2007

Photo: Julie Bouffard, Gaspe - September 2007

Photo: Maria Walsh, MA - Guide: Austin Clark

Photo: Kate Franklin- Toronto

Photo: Marles Frankman, Minnesota - Guide: Austin Clark

Photo: Marles Frankman, Minnesota. Marles landed 3 fish in two days fishing!! August 15, 2007 Guide: Austin Clark

Photo: Aline Grenier & Louise Chenard, Montreal. QC,

Photo: Donna Morneault, Madawaska, Maine, August 2007

Photo: Julie Bouffard, Gaspe

Photo: Second trip with us, this season. Susan Malcolm, Toronto Pabos River

Ladies!! Okay, we have a problem here...she's hot!!! :(

Again, Laureanne Therrien-Morin.... nice trout Lady!!

OOOOOkay!! We have big time competition! :(
This young lady..ROCKS!!

Photo: July 24, 2007- Laureanne Therrien-Morin, (11yrs) Laval -First time fly fishing!! Guide: Wayne Jean

Photo: Maria Walsh, MA- July 20, 2007 York River

Photo: Claude St Jean, Montreal - yes!!

Photo: Suzanne Beaudet, Montreal July 17, 2007

Photo: Louise Lapare, Montreal - July 17, 2007

Photo: Nancy Secord, MA

Photo: Susan Malcolm, Toronto (Ontario) Guide: Austin Clark

Photo: Candice Juracek, Colorado Dartmouth River July 6, 2007 Guide: Wayne Jean

Photo:Emmanuelle Cote, Montreal, Guide: Austin Clark

Photo: Elaine Chapman, Montreal - Dartmouth River & York River salmon!!

Photo: Chantal Arsenault, Dieppe, NB Guide: Fred

Photo: Isabella Koziol, Montreal Fish on July 3, 2007 York River

Photo: Mary McDonald New York

"Yours Truly" Dartmouth River June 30, 2007

Photo: Agathe Plamondon, Montreal York River June 2007

Janice Cormier,Dieppe, New Brunswick

Tuesday June 19, 2007

Nancy Holt, New Brunswick

Sunday June 17, 2007

Lysanne Adams, Gaspe

Tuesday June 12, 2007

Joan Hunter, Georgia

Tuesday June 12, 2007

Marylin Brown, California

Saturday June 9, 2007

Photo: Joan Hunter,Georgia

Friday June 8, 2007

Photo: Marylin Brown,California

Ladies!! Early June is time for us "too!"
Levels are just great and our shore lunches excellent!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Photo: "Yours Truly"... York River Sector 2   June 2, 2007

Our 2006 season!

Elaine Chapman, Montreal, Quebec...York 9

Candace Juracek, Aurora, Colorado, September 7, 2006

Sandra Shaddick, Ottawa, Ont, Hooked her first Alantic Salmon on the St-Jean River!!

Photo: Susan Malcolm, Ontario (Second trip with us!) York 3 - August 9th

August 1, 2007. Stay tuned, we are on the waters again this coming month!!

Joan Hunter,Georgia - Excellent week with us!! Guide: Dave

Annie Krespil, Montreal - Guide: Alfred

Louise Lapare, Montreal July 16 (York 4)

Suzanne Beaudet, Montreal July 16 (York 4)

Agathe Plamondon, Montreal July 14 (Dartmouth)

Elaine Chapman, Montreal

Roration, please!!.....these ladies are fishing!!

Linda Dumas, St. Nicolas, Quebec July 2006

Diane Roy, Candiac,Que July 2006

Susan Malcolm, Burlington, ON

Stay tuned, we are on the waters again this comng 2006 season!!

Leah Raab, California - Dartmouth River

Ladies!! Mesdames!! Join us fishing!!

Sandra Gill, Montreal (Ste-Anne River 2005)

Gentlemen, not to worry, we will rotate the pools to let you fish !  :)

Joan Hunter, Georgia(Dartmouth River 2005)

The Gray's Mother & Daughter - July 2005



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