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June 2006

Angling Report    Photo: Norman Brust, NY

"Flies and Fins"
"Gaspe Atlantic Salmon: The Salmon Were There! Sept 2005 "

Mid-July 2005
Hello Ann, Jim Corrigan here.
It looks like your business is doing spectacularly well. CONGRATULATIONS -
you are the BEST! Thanks for the advice and the flies - both led us to some great hookups!
We shared a number of pools with your sports and Quebec Sporting guides over several days.

I must tell you that your guides were extremely professional in sharing access to the pools.
They encouraged their less-experienced sports to step through the pool,
and they always gave us our spots in the rotation.
As well, they were very informed and they were quite willing to share some of their knowledge with us at poolside.
We did VERY well for hookups! We had 15 solid connections in eight days on the water.
I was very lucky this trip, bringing six fish to the net. Axel was snakebitten!
He had seven solid hookups, but brought only one (great!) fish to the shore. I hope your summer continues to be great - thanks again!


"Greg Burchstead, ME" "September Fishing, 2004 "

"Flies and Fins" "September Fishing, 2004 "

"Flies and Fins" "September Fishing, 2004 "

Dartmouth "open waters" July 21st, 2004

Hi Ann,
Robin and I had a great time with Gary on the Dartmouth, July 21st. The salmon I caught was my first Atlantic salmon but won't be my last if I can help it. Gary was great! He certainly put us on fish and was very helpful in showing us the casting techniques we needed. The accommodations were great, all in all it’s a nice setup. The spot we were at was quite beautiful and a great place to fish.I am already looking forward to the trip. Gary mentioned that we will need to let you know when we plan to be fish next year before October. Please let us know just when you need this information so we can be sure to get it to you. Also, would it be possible for you to email the pictures that Gary took. I want to add them to the last CD of pictures of our trip. We took over 500 pictures on this trip but managed to forget our camera on the most important part. It never fails!
Anyway, keep in touch and have a great season.
Thanks again Ann.
Daniel & Robin Veysey, Toronto

York River "open waters" June 15th, 2004

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"Gaspé Late July 2003 "Success on three Rivers!, by Axel Larson

"Fly Fisherman, June 2003"

Gaspé Salon...What a Rush! by Ross Purnell

Gaspé with a Spey! by Ross Purnell

Fly-fishing for Atlantic Salmon Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec Canada
September 21-28, 2002

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